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Squirrel Girl Goes to College


Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl was my first design for young audiences at the Theatre School, and I had a blast creating moments that jumped out to the audience. I lit the show with two goals in mind; I wanted to make the super hero moments really jump out while creating a vibrant, living world for the show to take place in. Given the amount of sound, lighting, and projection cues taken at the same time, we used OSC commands to synchronize our cues. 

Written by Karen Zacarias

Director - Michelle Lopez-Rios

Scenic Designer - Kat Hasanov

Costume Designer - Grace Gilbreath

Lighting Designer - Brian Gallagher

Sound Designer - Emily Hayman

Projection Designer - Parker Molacek

Technical Director - Sara Johnson

Stage Manager - Kristina Heiden-Lundberg

Production Stage Manager - Morgan Ramoth

Photos by Michael Brosilow

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