Her Honor Jane Byrne


Scene 4 - Fever Dream
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Scene 4 - Rec Room
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Scene 6 - Kid
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Scene 7 - Jane's Apartment
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Scene 11 - Riot
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Process: Research

Her Honor Jane Byrne is a show by J. Nicole Brooks that opened shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of my coursework, I created an original lighting design for the show using the scenic and costume designs used in the realized production. While my designs were not fully realized, I was able to complete all of the design paperwork that I typically create.

Written by J. Nicole Brooks

Original Team​

Director - J. Nicole Brooks

Scenic Designer - Yu Shibagaki

Costume Designer - Mieka Van Der Ploeg

Lighting Designer - Christine A. Binder

Sound Designer - Christopher M. LaPorte

Projection Designer - Rasean Davonte Johnson

Stage Manager - Tess Golden

Theoretical Lighting Design by Brian Gallagher